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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Heavy Hustle

Aiight so if you downloaded the mixtape, i hope you heard the 2 tracks "Real Love" and "F.I.U" those were produced by 1 of my niggas, Christian Staine. Now Christian once asked me, "are you serious? like, you could really make it" and I heard him but i wasnt listening. The other day we were talking about him tryna get this beat to Wiz Khalifa so he was just gonna blow up his twitter and asked me why dont i do that with my tracks. SO, it started out to where if i did a cover for a song, say Throw it in the Bag, i would hit Funeral Fab (@myfabolouslife) up and so on and so forth. Then i i would start sending my songs to local heavy hitters; and last night i sent my song "Exhibit A.ckWright" to Suns superstar, Amar'e Stoudemire (@amareisreal), and he retweeted it to his 60,000+ followers. I swear when i saw that i thought it wasnt real but real talk he showed love like that. So now im on my hustle, ive been really thinkn bout this music thing wondering if its wat i really want, and that was just the push i needed.

-AckWright (@ackwrightordie)


you cant see the picture that well here lol but its on my facebook and twitter..sorry